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All About Chosen Arrow

Hi..... My name is Johanna and I love to ride bikes... sometimes after a swim and before a run.

After years riding dirtbikes I found triathlon in 2018 and completed my first 70.3 triathlon in Taupo that December. 

As a newbie to cycling wanting to make the transition from basic bike shorts and ill-fitting tops to matchy-matchy, colour-cordinated, socks-the-right-height cycling finesse I began searching for a new kit. It had to be women's specific, nice quality and fit, and NOT bright pink and black! I grew frustrated, not liking anything quite enough to spend my hard earned money on. Although my new bike no longer had a motor, it turns out this sport ain't cheap either!

Motocross apparel was always something I'd thought about creating, but after falling in love with cycling I decided to create cycling and triathlon apparel instead and started working on Chosen Arrow in January 2019, officially launching in early 2020.


Now I have designed my own quality apparel that looks great and feels comfortable - whether you're in it for half an hour or 12 hours.

All products I release have been tested in my own training. Some undergo many alterations to ensure I am 100% happy to take them to market.

With Chosen Arrow Apparel you'll attack each training session in comfort and style with gear that lasts the distance. 

Thanks for visiting my site, stay tuned for more product releases in the very near future!

- Johanna

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