Women's monarch jacket

Women's monarch jacket

Chosen Arrow's most exciting launch yet!


The monarch jacket is windproof and slick on the outside and fleecy on the inside. This jacket strikes the balance of keeping you warm but unrestricted. It is best worn as your outer layer over a cycling jersey and baselayer on a windy day, chilly morning or night time cycling adventures.


It is breathable enough that you won't overheat, which makes it a great addition on most days if you are one of those riders that always seems to run a little colder than your mates.


Additional features include:

- Three back pockets for snacks and other essentials

- Reflective details to keep you safely visible in the dark

- Windproof lycra cuffs

- YKK zipper with semi automatic function, zip down = locked, zip up = unlocked

- Sillicon band to prevent ride-up